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23 May 2024
【Mortgage Insights】Analysis of the Relationship Between Migration and the Housing Market in Australia
16 May 2024
【Latest Policy】Conventional and Steady – The 2024-25 Federal Budget Announced
9 May 2024
【Latest Policy】Cannot leave the country for 200 consecutive days each year? Is this true?
2 May 2024
【Latest Policy】Overseas investors, take note! Australia will start to scrutinize foreign investment more closely
18 Apr 2024
【Taxation Spotlight】How Does a Family Trust Protect Assets?
11 Apr 2024
【Mortgage Insights】Common Questions about Loan Transfers in Australia
5 Apr 2024
【Taxation Spotlight】Explanation of New Energy Vehicle Employee Welfare Tax (FBT) Exemption
28 Mar 2024
【Latest Policy】FIRB Application Fees Increased, Making Overseas Home Purchases Even More Difficult
21 Mar 2024
【Taxation Spotlight】Digital assets do not file tax returns, will the ATO know?
14 Mar 2024
【Mortgage Insights】A strategy to accelerate repayment and save over $100,000
7 Mar 2024
【Taxation Spotlight】Can SMSF really guarantee a worry-free retirement?
29 Feb 2024
【Taxation Spotlight】What is tax planning?
22 Feb 2024
【Mortgage Insights】How to Get the Best Discount on Mortgage Rates?
15 Feb 2024
【Taxation Spotlight】What is tax planning?
1 Feb 2024
【Latest Policy】Can tax reform benefit "every" taxpayer?
25 Jan 2024
【Taxation Spotlight】Do I need to pay taxes when transferring my savings to an Australian account?
18 Jan 2024
【Taxation Spotlight】Is tax audit really so daunting?
11 Jan 2024
【Latest Policy】How does the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) regulate transactions on Uber and Airbnb?
21 Dec 2023
【Latest Policy】All businesses take note: New ATO regulations require online nomination of tax agents by businesses.
14 Dec 2023
【Latest Policy】Significant Increase in Vacant Property Tax for Overseas Individuals: Is it Time to Cut Losses?
8 Dec 2023
【Mortgage Insights】With sweeping reforms, the NSW government accelerates the pace of building mid-to-low-income housing
30 Nov 2023
【Mortgage Insights】Sydney School District Homes: Education Demand Driving the Real Estate Market
23 Nov 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】Save time and effort! Overseas investors can now manage Australian assets online.
9 Nov 2023
【Latest Policy】When declaring home office tax deductions, it's crucial to pay attention to changes in this policy!
2 Nov 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】Sending money from overseas to Australia? Is it income, a loan, or a gift?
26 Oct 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】While receiving your retirement pension, don't forget to declare this tax benefit
19 Oct 2023
【Latest Policy】Attention! These are the changes in the international corporate tax standards for next year
5 Oct 2023
【Latest Policy】Up to 1,000 AUD refundable! Available for all small businesses in New South Wales.
28 Sep 2023
【Latest Policy】A quick overview of the 2023-24 New South Wales budget
21 Sep 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】Do nonprofit organizations have to pay taxes on donations received?
7 Sep 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】Don't be afraid of GST filing errors, just focus on these two points for corrections.
24 Aug 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】Quickly learn how to utilize capital gains tax benefits to save on taxes
17 Aug 2023
【Latest Policy】Direct Full Deduction! Latest Tax Relief Benefits for Small Businesses
10 Aug 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】How to determine Tax Residents vs. Non-Tax Residents?
3 Aug 2023
【Mortgage Insights】Does the RBA's Rate Halt Signal a Green Light for Homebuying?
27 Jul 2023
【Latest Policy】Australian Government Supports Skills and Training for Small and Medium Enterprises, Now Eligible for Additional Deductions
20 Jul 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】Do You Know About the Changes Taking Effect This July?
13 Jul 2023
【Latest Policy】Luxury Car Tax Threshold Raised Starting July 1st
6 Jul 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】What's New in Individual Income Tax Declaration for the 2022-23 Financial Year
15 Jun 2023
【Mortgage Insights】"Interest Rate Cliff" - How to Deal with It?
8 Jun 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】Have You Exceeded the Superannuation Contribution Cap?
1 Jun 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】How to Report Tax on Electric Vehicle Expenses?
25 May 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】Parents Moving to Australia: Do You Need to Declare Domestic Pension?
18 May 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】Don't Forget These Tax Declaration Items
11 May 2023
【Latest Policy】2023-24 Federal Budget Released
4 May 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】Six-Year Rule - Can Capital Gains Tax be Exempted on Investment Property Sale Too?
27 Apr 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】Reporting Taxes on Investment Properties - How Does the Australian Tax Office Verify?
20 Apr 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】How to Contribute to Spouse's Superannuation Fund?
13 Apr 2023
【Mortgage Insights】Has the Interest Rate Hike Cycle of the Reserve Bank of Australia Ended?
6 Apr 2023
【Latest Policy】This Initiative Introduced by the Previous New South Wales Government for First Home Buyers Will Be Revoked
6 Apr 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】Downsizing Your Home to Save for Retirement Early
23 Mar 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】A Brief Discussion on Employee Benefits Tax (FBT)
16 Mar 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】New Tax Deduction Algorithm for Home Office Expenses in the 2023 Financial Year
9 Mar 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】Non-Profit Financial Reporting Framework
2 Mar 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】What to Do If You Missed the Quarterly Superannuation Payment Deadline?
23 Feb 2023
【Latest Policy】Updates on New South Wales Foreign Buyer Surcharge and Additional Land Tax
23 Feb 2023
【Mortgage Insights】Do I Really Not Qualify for Buying a House?
16 Feb 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】What to Consider When Paying Employee Severance Pay Amidst Layoffs
9 Feb 2023
【Latest Policy】New Policies on Research and Development Subsidies
2 Feb 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】Am I Eligible to Apply for Fuel Tax Credits?
25 Jan 2023
【Financial Focus】Land Valuation and the Principles of "Highest and Best Use"
19 Jan 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】"Client-Agent Linking" from the Tax Office
12 Jan 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】As an Employer, Have You Transitioned to STP Phase 2 Reporting?
12 Jan 2023
【Taxation Spotlight】New South Wales Land Tax for 2023 Is on the Horizon
27 Jan 2022
Benefit of setting up a family trust fund
2 Apr 2020
Illustrating examples on the 2nd stimulus package
2 Apr 2020
3rd round stimulus package: $130 billion!
26 Mar 2020
Australia's second round economic stimulus package
19 Sep 2019
Comprehensive Credit Report Receives Major Upgrade in September 2019
19 Sep 2019
Employee Benefit Tax Notice – Taxi Benefit Exemption, Exclusion for Uber Rides
5 Sep 2019
ASIC's 2019-2023 Corporate Plan to Include Key Measures Targeting Small Businesses
29 Aug 2019
ATO to Continue Focusing on Deduction Claims for Work-Related Car Expenses
15 Aug 2019
CRS Update: ATO Discovers 1.6 Million Overseas Accounts, Involving a Total Amount of 100 Billion Australian Dollars
8 Aug 2019
Special Declaration Guidelines for One-Click Payroll System
1 Aug 2019
Tax Authority Audit Activities - Should You Consider Purchasing Tax Audit Insurance?
25 Jul 2019
Key Points for Tax Reporting on Investment Properties in Australia
18 Jul 2019
Good News: Personal Income Tax Deduction Threshold to Increase in 2019
11 Jul 2019
Strong Upsurge in High-End Property Prices in Australia
4 Jul 2019
Measures to Take After Interest Rate Reduction
4 Jul 2019
New Fiscal Year, New Policies. Are you ready?
27 Jun 2019
Definition of a large proprietary company is changed on 01/07/2019
20 Jun 2019
ATO will keep focusing on working related and investment property expense
13 Jun 2019
CRS has exchanged over 47 millions offshore bank account data
13 Jun 2019
Pay Attention on Your Inactive Low-balance Super Accounts
6 Jun 2019
RBA Reduce Cash rate to 1.25%
6 Jun 2019
Victoria Stamp Duty Change
30 May 2019
2019-20 Victoria State Budget
23 May 2019
Make sure you start using STP on time
16 May 2019
Tax for foreign income
2 May 2019
Tax plan: Labor VS Liberal & National
18 Apr 2019
Provision of General Purpose Financial Statements for SGEs
11 Apr 2019
Six FBT items that ATO will focus on
3 Apr 2019
2019-20 Federal Budget Tax Highlights
21 Mar 2019
Property Tax in 2019
14 Mar 2019
[Update] Main Residence Exemption – Foreign Resident
7 Mar 2019
ATO updated the benchmarks for small business
3 Mar 2019
Current Finance Market Briefing
21 Feb 2019
Single Touch Payroll for small business gets 3-month buffer
14 Feb 2019
Treasury Laws Amendment - Similar Business Test
8 Feb 2019
Checklist of Top Tax Change in 2018/19
24 Jan 2019
ATO Phone, Email and Message Scam
17 Jan 2019
10% Interest Withholding Tax and Exemption
10 Jan 2019
[Reminder] Country by Country Report for SGE is due on 15-01-2019
13 Dec 2018
Main Residence Exemption – Foreign Resident
6 Dec 2018
Taxable Payments Annual Report for Cleaning & Courier Service
22 Nov 2018
PRC Individual Income Tax Reform
15 Nov 2018
Vacant residential land tax (SRO Victoria)
8 Nov 2018
ATO mobile strike force to visit 10,000 small businesses
1 Nov 2018
Annual vacancy fee for foreign owners
25 Oct 2018
[Briefing] Australian Accounting Standards - AASB 15
18 Oct 2018
Don't miss 31-Oct-2018, an important tax due date!
11 Oct 2018
ATO has an eye on work-related expense claim
4 Oct 2018
Reforms to combat illegal phoenix activity – Draft Legislation
20 Sep 2018
What is Comprehensive Credit Reporting?
13 Sep 2018
Changing Company Financial Year
6 Sep 2018
Entity with >80% passive income not qualify for base rate entity
6 Sep 2018
CRS - Automatic exchange of information start from September 2018
30 Aug 2018
Audit Relief for annual financial statement
23 Aug 2018
GST withholding - Residential property buyers and their representatives
16 Aug 2018
ATO sets sights on 200,000 taxpayers with short-term rentals
9 Aug 2018
Top 10 Tax Myths
26 Jul 2018
Key Point of Working Holiday Visa Related Tax Matter
12 Jul 2018
ATO: Top 5 mistakes of tax deduction
5 Jul 2018
Pay Attention on the tax Key Points in New Financial Year
21 Jun 2018
Addsum becomed the qualified employer of CPA & CA ANZ
21 Jun 2018
ATO focus on claims for laundry expenses
21 Jun 2018
2018-19 NSW Budget: Tax-free Threshold for Payroll Tax Will Increase
25 May 2018
No more special purpose financial statements (SPFS) for many entities
9 May 2018
Australian 2018-19 Federal Budget - Taxation
29 Mar 2018
Single touch payroll (STP) is coming, are you ready?
28 Feb 2018
Why target interest-only loans?
2 Feb 2018
SBS-Addsum radio talkshow: ATO will undertake more tax reviews on visa holders
2 Feb 2018
Changes to depreciation rules for investment properties are now law
22 Jan 2018
Large scale tax reviews in sight for visa holders including 457 and 888 visa holders
17 Nov 2017
Renaming the McDonald's in China - the thoughts behind it
3 Nov 2017
Keeping taxation records - not as simple as you might think
3 Nov 2017
Sydneysiders facing lower pressure on housing affordability than 10 years ago?
20 Oct 2017
Interest-only loan applications may be rejected
20 Oct 2017
Penalties raised to A$525,000 for late reporting by companies under ATO's new rules