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values & culture

The eight core values in our culture are how we see our company as a character, as a force of nature, and as part of something greater than itself.

“addsum go” – core values of addsum

It is our mission to provide professional, dynamic, intelligent, and genuine professional services for the benefit of our unique and esteemed client’s, while delivering trustworthy, valuable, personalised, and forward-thinking advice and practices to companies and individuals who need us most.

The core values of addsum are the underlying principles that guide every decision, every process, and every strategy as we move forward and grow, as we work with exciting new clients and stay energised by respected long-term clients.

Our core values are how we see our company as a character, as a force of nature, and as part of something greater than itself.

addsum’s eight core values

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a – act with integrity

We strive to uphold the highest professional standards, provide sound advice and maintain our independence.

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d – differentiate

Our team of professionals offer a diverse range of multicultural and lingual backgrounds including Chinese, and have experience working in Europe, China, and New Zealand giving our clients unique, personalised, differentiated service.

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d – do and lead by example

We act in a way that exemplifies what we expect of each other and our clients at all levels. Our actions are in alignment with what we say, and we inspire others to do the same.

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s – support and trust

We respect, trust, and empower our team as individuals, celebrating who they are, their unique knowledge, skills and experience. We support our stakeholders with respect and honour and we are trusted advisors to our clients.

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u – understand and talk straight

Our talk is open, honest, and constructive. Regular two-way communication is vital. We understand and respect each others’ differences, but we also stand up for what we believe in.

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m – motivate and retain

We recruit people who will bring a positive and valuable influence to our company and clients, retaining and motivating them by encouraging innovation, the sharing of knowledge and wisdom, empowering and encouraging them to grow and thrive within our culture.

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g – grow and improve

We seek new challenges along with innovative ways of adapting to change, consistently growing and learning within our team, our company, and the global industry.

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o – outperform and celebrate

We aim to outperform our peer service providers in all areas and exceed our clients’ expectations, and we celebrate our achievements and personal milestones.