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Education is Australia’s third-largest export after commodities such as iron ore and coal. According to the latest data from the OECD, Australia is ranked the third destination globally for foreign students, after the US and Britain. Australia’s education industry plays an important role in social progress. Top-notch education in Australia has attracted a large number of overseas students to this country to further their education. The government reform agenda of education industry, the structure of school operation, and tax concessions have influence on the industry.

Exceptional educational institutions not only need to have decent educational approaches and facilities, but also transparent and desirable commercial operation. Educational institutions must keep up with changes in government regulations; have sufficient capital to meet the needs of infrastructure as the number of students increase and live up to the expectations of students as well as their parents.

our services

Education is extremely important and we understand this inimitably. Our expert accountants provide professional services to a multitude of educational institutions, international schools and educational agents. We are highly experienced consultants and are dedicated to dealing with issues regarding taxation, accounting and auditing, leaving you free to focus on the unique and vital business of educating bright young minds for the future. We will help you with a range of services including:
  • assisting in establishing a long-term strategy, the building of financial models and improving your business system
  • assisting in meeting external requirements regarding transparency of the education system and management responsibility
  • routine services such as bookkeeping, taxation and auditing