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In Australia, people believe in philanthropy. Charities are one kind of non-profit organisations. Different to profit organisations, non-profit organisations have various organisational structures, and special taxation regulations and concessions. There is a range of regulations, including regulations about appeal to support, fund-raising activities, maintenance of responsibility system and transparency, monitoring and risk management.

According to the Contribution of the Not-for-Profit Sector (2010), the number of Australian not-for-profit organisations was estimated at around 600,000. Some 440,000 are smaller unincorporated organisations.

According to Our Community Pty Ltd’s article, An Overview – The Community Sector, education and research organisations accounted for over 31% of employment in the not-for-profit sector, while aged care accounted for 15% and social services accounted for 8%. Permanent full-time employees accounted for 40% of total employment in the not-for-profit sector, while 36% were permanent part-time and 24% were casual employees.

our services

We are actively involved in philanthropic ventures including providing free accounting and taxation services to charities. As long-term supporters of non-profit organisations, we will work hard with you to grow your organisation, to help it thrive so you can help even more people. We believe in the value of social responsibility so much, we established addsum foundation for corporate social responsibilities in 2016 to further support and assist not-for-profit social and cultural organisations in Australia. We will help you with a range of services:
  • assistance in establishing policy-like and specific solutions to face up to challenges
  • assistance in management of operation and fund-raising objectives
  • assistance in establishment of information system, financial reports and philanthropy reports
  • provision of consulting services and solutions to directors of Board and financial managers in respect of regulation compliance
  • routine services, such as bookkeeping, taxation and auditing