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hotel and tourism

The hotel industry has close connections to many service sectors, while the tourism industry is an important link between Chinese visitors and Australia’s economy. Booming tourism also stimulates Australia’s economic vigour.

Over recent years, there has been a significant change in the tourists who visit Australia. In the past tourists mainly came from the UK and USA; however, these days, there are more and more tourists from China and Asian countries.

The scale of overnight tourism expenditure is estimated to reach or even exceed AUD$115 billion in 2020 by Australia Tourism Authorities (the amount hit $91.7 billion on 30 September 2015).

The vigorous development of the tourism industry has prompted investment in Australia’s hotel industry, with heavy investment from China and nearby Asian countries.

our services

We have considerable experience supporting clients in the hotel and tourism industry and offer expert professional services to new and existing industry investors, developers, and businesses. We will help you with a range of services including:
  • establishment of investment institutions
  • taxation restructure
  • asset acquisition
  • bank facilities
  • provide service to purchase properties in Australia for non-Australian residents
  • advise on merger and acquisition, including merger, takeover and due diligence investigation
  • advise on capital planning (in the form of debts or shares)
  • routine services such as bookkeeping, taxation and auditing