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real estate

The real estate industry is the largest sector in Australia. The properties sector has more impact on the Australian economy than any other industry.

Approximately 28.6% of wages and salaries paid to Australian workers are generated by the property sector.

The majority of the property sector is generated by residential activities.

our services

The property sector in Australia has become increasingly prosperous in recent years. Our clients include prominent real estate developers and property investment companies and we have a diverse and valuable relationship with them. Our experience within this sector and our familiarisation with procedures and regulations means we have formed relationships with many related institutions, including financial institutions, contractors, real estate agents, investors, property design companies, property lawyers and certified public valuers. We have proven insights into property value, returns for the future and other areas of property such as residential, commercial and agricultural property. We will help you with a range of services including:
  • advice on taxation planning (such as family trust and unit trust, etc.)
  • advice on GST (GST going concern)
  • asset acquisition
  • bank facilities
  • advice on acquisition of property in Australia for non-Australians
  • advice on corporate merger and acquisition, including merger, taking over and due diligence investigation
  • consulting on capital planning (in the form of debts or equities)
  • other routine services, such as bookkeeping, taxation and auditing