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addsum business school

We recognise the need to change how the world does business. The school teaches our employees, clients, the greater community, and other stakeholders all aspects of business at a multicultural and globally inclusive level.

our courses

Education is vital to the success and growth of a company. We launched the Addsum Business School to support our own team, our clients, and our stakeholders, giving them access to quality, professional training, seminars, and events such as:

  • Soft skills training
  • Technical training
  • Graduate training
  • Internship training
  • On the job training
  • Ad-hoc topic updates
  • Industry knowledge sharing workshop
  • Financial market updates workshop
  • Wealth management workshops
  • Various workshops

our seminars

We hold seminars throughout each financial year covering hot topics such as common reporting standards (CRS), significant global entities (SGEs) financial reporting and tax reporting, etc.

For more details on upcoming seminars, please contact our marketing team or add our WeChat corporate account into your watch list.

Past events:

  • HFW-Addsum seminar on employer FairWork legal obligations and taxation obligations in March 2018
  • MorganStanley-Addsum seminar on financial investments and CRS in March 2018
  • KVBKunlun-Addsum seminar on financial investments and CRS in December 2017
  • Undisclosed client taxation seminar in September 2017