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our firm

Addsum is an international financial and professional services firm that provides financial reporting, taxation, assurance, financing, funds investment and business advisory services. We also provide legal and recruitment services for businesses, corporations, and high-net worth family groups.

Head quartered in Sydney, Addsum is a comprehensive professional service firm with an office in Sydney and an office in Melbourne. Since its establishment back in 2002, Addsum has been providing a range of professional services such as accounting, advisory, auditing, taxation, mortgage and finance services to its clients.

Addsum provides a comprehensive range of professional services tailored to each unique client and their range of business needs including accounting, advisory, auditing, taxation, mortgage and financial services. Our first-class specialist support has been caring for China state-owned and private corporations as well as families and individuals since its establishment. Regardless of your stage of development and investment in Australia, our support and strategic planning will prove invaluable and we personalise our advice and strategies, providing the best practice and best results. The Addsum team is made up of dedicated professionals working together in unity; each bringing their own credibility and strengths to create an alliance of highly qualified individuals. Ours is culture of cooperation and collaboration. We understand the unique challenges our clients face when entering the Australian market and so our services include more than the conventional, but also provide relevant advice and support on aspects such as business migration, enterprise restructure and taxation planning. Addsum is an Approved Training Employer (ATE) by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) and a Recognized Employer Partner (REP) by CPA Australia.

our promise to our clients

To provide high-quality professional services

Our professional team includes chartered accountants (CA), certified practising accountants (CPA), chartered tax advisers (CTA), registered tax agents (RTA), registered company auditors (RCA), Australian Financial Services Licensees (AFSL) and registered mortgage brokers

To treat our clients as unique

We communicate with you personally, understand your needs, and tailor our advice and services to your requirements.

To be your one-stop service

Not only do we offer services, we share updates of regulations and information and provide comprehensive suggestions regarding business operations, taxation, financing and other financial aspects, keeping you in the loop and supporting your future in business.

seamless communication is the key

We are proud of our reputation for exceptional service among many Chinese enterprises in Australia for over 10 years. We are the leading professional firm serving Chinese state-owned enterprises, private companies, families and individuals in Australia. Our qualified professionals specialise in servicing entities with a Chinese background and provide seamless communication and customer experience that cross geography and culture. Our professionals are proficient in Chinese and English.