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corporate social responsibility

We are dedicated to be a good corporate citizen on social and environmental aspects through our Addsum Foundation.

multicultural advocate

Addsum remain committed to celebrating multicultural achievements and promoting the benefits of our cultural and linguistic diversity.

One of our partners, Ms Cathy Jing Guo, is a member in Advisory Board of Multicultural NSW who actively participating in the advisory to the New South Wales state government on the cultural diversity activities.

Addsum also actively participate in various cultural promotion and communication events. For example, we sponsored the concert “Immeasurable Light – Songs of the Silk Road”, performed by Wu Man that presented by The University of Sydney.

Addsum also pride itself to provide pro bono professional auditing services to certain non-for-profit organisations such as Chinese Catholic Community Homes Limited (“CCC Homes”) which is a registered charitable organisation.

environmental advocate

Addsum’s business operations do not involve in the production of air, water and land pollutions and hazardous waste. We have implemented eco-friendly measures to reduce carbon footprint in our business operations.

Addsum apply below policies in our daily operation, including:

  • Paperless working
  • Energy Saving
  • Low-carbon transportation

social advocate

Addsum are dedicated to promoting equal opportunities for all of our employees in different areas, such as recruitment, compensation and benefits, training and staff promotion.

Addsum fully comply with labour laws or other relevant legislation that prohibits child labour and forced labour.

Addsum promise that it fully complying with all the regulations regarding occupational health and safety, providing an effective and safe working environment for our employees.

On 1 July 2017, Addsum joined Mission Australia’s fundraising SleepOut 2017. Our partners, Cathy Guo, Derek Wang, Jack Zhang, Sheldon Mak and Sunday Jiang spent the night of 1 July 2017 sleeping in the cold, dark, winter weather to help raise money for crucial assistance for people experiencing homelessness.

addsum foundation limited

Social responsibility plays a vital role in our daily operations and practices. In 2016 The Addsum Foundation was established to support charitable activities and purposes including education, social and public welfare and advancing cultural awareness and support. Our objectives are:

  • to advance education
  • to advance social and public welfare
  • to advance culture

We participate in various community charitable activities and encourage the participation of employees.

Addsum proudly support a number of social activities such as activities organised by Australian Chinese Charity Foundation Inc., Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Australia Limited, China Cultural Centre, Chinese Catholic Community Homes LimitedChinese Catholic Community, Chinese Big Four Alumni in Australia Limited, HSING YUN Education Foundation, Mission Australia and so on.